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Coastal Outdoor Elevator

The Coastal Outdoor Elevator is an extremely stylish and affordable solution to your residential lifting needs. Pre-wired and adjusted for a perfect fit, this outdoor elevator is designed for easy installation and operation.

The Coastal is able to hold up to 800lb. This fully equipped modern outdoor elevator is designed with an incredibly strong, yet see-through polycarbonate cab and gate, aluminum framed cab and galvanized steel rails to prevent it from rusting while being outdoors. Equipped with multiple safety features like gate switches, interlocks, and an underpan, the Coastal Outdoor Elevator will not operate unless it is fully safe to do so with no obstructions in the way.

If you cannot manage the stairs any longer but do not want to move out of the home you love, the Coastal Outdoor Elevator will give you the freedom to be independent and access all levels of your home, safely, without any intrusion to the inside of your home.

The Coastal Outdoor Elevator includes a 2 year warranty on all parts and components.
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