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Battery Powered Stair Lifts


One of the main benefits of battery powered stair lifts is that they work even when the power is out. This makes battery-powered stair lifts essential to those who live by themselves and are unable to get up and down the stairs without the aid of a lift. Because safety is a top priority at AmeriGlide, all of our stair lifts are made of quality material and meet A17.1 and A18 safety standards for private and public use.

Besides quality, our customers continue to be happy with the packaging of our stair lifts, step-by-step instructions, and reasonable prices:

...the 3 [stair lift] boxes came packed very well. The measurement sheet came out perfect with your help. Your larger brackets did the trick. When we saw the instruction sheet I said, "o boy". Step by step it came out great. "Very easy to read", my son said.

- Bill Nicolay, Hazlet, NJ


It's great to see when a company provides a superior product at a reasonable price point.

- Bill DeGrace, USA


Contact one of our stairlift experts to learn more about how each lift is whisper quiet and easy to install.